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One of the greatest issues for residential developments resulting in complaints to Local authorities is that of noise from neighbours, from adjacent non-domestic spaces (commercial/retail spaces, gymnasiums, etc.) and from environmental noise intrusion. Although not strictly tangible in comparison to aesthetics, acoustics plays a significant role in this type of development: Uncomfortable acoustic conditions can impact significantly upon the health and wellbeing of occupants.

RBA Acoustics has significant experience in residential acoustic building design, from assessing sound insulation performance requirements for separating walls and floors to the control of external noise intrusion. We have undertaken sound insulation testing across thousands of sites and have provided expert witness and fault investigation services for many Clients and sites throughout the UK.

We work closely and collaboratively with wider design teams to make sure our designs are fully integrated with the building function. An example of this is developing strategies for the control of external noise, whilst also providing adequate means of ventilation, fresh air and control of overheating. We work closely with M&E consultants, energy assessors and architects to develop suitable strategies for provision of ventilation and overheating relief, whilst also maintaining acoustic comfort within habitable internal spaces.

RBA Acoustics has significant experience in the acoustic design of residential buildings using modern methods of construction (MMC), including timber CLT and lightweight timber and metal frame structures.

RBA Acoustics would be pleased to provide assistance for your project.

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