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A mixed use development for the Howard de Walden Estate involving part demolition / new build and part renovation of two Mews properties in the Harley St conservation area to provide 7 new residential dwellings and refurbishment of the Grade 2 listed public house.

A complex project requiring a host of acoustic design services such as internal architectural design associated with the new build residential dwellings and advice relating to the acoustic design of the listed building; not least the separation between the ground floor public house and the new residential flats above.

The location of the site in close proximity to existing London Underground tube tunnels required assessment of tactile vibration and re-radiated noise due to train movements, resulting in the isolation of the new build elements of the project to minimise impact.

Advice was also provided to the contractor with regards to noise and vibration during construction, assisting in the preparation of information for submission as part of the Section 61 application to minimise disruption in the otherwise quiet Mews and allow the project to progress as planned.

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