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The acoustic design of hotels is a crucial aspect of creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for guests. Poor acoustic design can lead to noise disturbances, affecting the quality of sleep and overall guest satisfaction.

The control of noise from the outside environment is a key design consideration, as is the sound insulation performance of the separating walls and floors between guest suites. Often Hotel brands will have their own acoustic standards that require compliance and consideration will need to be given to these acoustic specifications in any ongoing design.

Coustic separation between Hotel function spaces and guest rooms is also of particular importance, particularly in relation to areas such as function rooms with high amplified sound levels close to noise sensitive guest suites and other sensitive areas, such as spa’s and conference areas.

Acoustic conditions within the various spaces is also key to create a relaxing and comfortable acoustic environment. This requires consideration of noise from internal mechanical equipment such as ventilation and heating/cooling systems, and in relation to surface finishes to ensure sufficient levels of sound absorption to minimise the build up of reverberant sound.

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