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Acoustic conditions in hospitals and healthcare facilities can significantly impact patient well-being, staff performance, and overall healthcare outcomes. Positively addressing these challenges at design stage is crucial to creating a healing environment.

Healthcare facilities are often busy and noisy environments with various sources of noise, including alarms, paging systems, intercoms, equipment, footsteps, and conversations. Uncomfortable acoustic conditions can lead to increased stress, sleep disturbance, and can negatively affect the recovery process for patients. It can also impair communication between healthcare professionals.

Addressing these challenges within the building design involves a combination of architectural design, acoustic treatment, and control of noise from a variety of sources including environmental noise intrusion and noise from mechanical equipment.

RBA Acoustics has significant experience in the acoustic design of healthcare facilities and in the application of ‘Health Technical Memorandum 08-01: Acoustics’. We would be pleased to provide assistance for your project.

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