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Noise and vibration from Gyms can be one of the most disturbing activities affecting sensitive occupants of the same building. The popularity of large commercial and smaller boutique/private gyms over the past few years has led to an explosion of issues in relation to the impact on sensitive adjacencies, particularly where Gyms are available to use 24 hours a day.

Gyms introduced within existing buildings often present a particular acoustic challenge, primarily in relation to the inherent ability of a structural design that is focussed around residential or commercial use to accommodate sufficient mitigation to cope with the heavy impacts generated from typical Gym activity.

RBA Acoustics has been at the forefront of the acoustic design of Gyms over the past few years. We continue to provide acoustic design advice to the UK’s leading commercial Gym operator, having assisted in the acoustic design for over 160 of their sites throughout the UK and Europe to date and we played a key role in the publication of the Association of Noise Consultants document ‘Gym Acoustics Guide’.

From our extensive involvement in the acoustic design of Gyms, we have a detailed knowledge and strong track record in optimising products and solutions to mitigate the impacts of noise and vibration from Gyms.

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