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We offer a full service covering all aspects of acoustic design from planning through to commissioning. Many of our projects have presented significant acoustic challenges, such as being adjoined to flats, offices, recording studios and within railway arches.

RBA Acoustics has been involved with the design of over 50 cinema venues over the last 10 years and are proud to receive repeat business from many big names in the industry.

In the earlier stages of a project, we are often involved with the assessment of noise break in and break out, achieving compliance with Local Authority criteria, reducing the potential for disturbance to neighbours, and complying with requirements in agreements for lease. We work closely with design teams to develop construction packages and develop acoustic and vibration isolation solutions tailored to each scheme.

When designing auditoria, we can advise on achieving ideal room acoustic conditions by specifying acoustic wall and ceiling treatments. We specify constructions to ensure excellent sound insulation between auditoria. We work with mechanical designers to ensure building services noise levels do not distract from the film or cause disturbance to neighbouring properties.

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