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Tom Davies-Smith Placement Blog: Part 4

Here we are, my last blog post for RBA. In my last three months I have really felt part of the team, ready to get to work on all manner of different jobs and continue to learn new skills.

One new skill I learned in this last quarter was how to construct an A-frame which RBA use to hang a microphone out of a window. This required setting up a workshop, pulling out the drill and the rivet gun, then getting down to work. It felt great to make something that will be used by RBA for (hopefully) long after I have left.

In June the entire RBA team got on the train and out to the Lea Valley Water Park for a day of white water rafting. Once we arrived we squeezed into our wet suits and split into teams to construct rafts.

My team’s rope tying and weight distribution skills led us to victory… in the race to the bottom of the water. After we had dried off it was back into a less flimsy raft to go out on the rough water.

The boat flung us around and around as we paddled through the course, throwing a couple of people over the edge of the raft and in to the swirling water. After few more exhilarating laps of the course, we were treated of a big barbecue with plenty of food and drink.

Finally I have really enjoyed my time here at RBA Acoustics, and I’m incredibly glad that I have been able to work as part of this team. Everyone I have met here has been so friendly and ready to help if I needed it. The range of experiences I have had during my time here, from noise surveys to sound insulation testing to vibration monitoring and more, I don’t think I could have had a better introduction to the world of acoustic consultancy.

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