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Tom Davies-Smith Placement Blog: Part 3

Another three months have passed at RBA and I have definitely been kept busy. Since the last Related imagepost I have been working on a large regeneration project in Hendon. As part of this project I was sent out to undertake a noise survey and then use this data to specify the glazing and ventilation required as well as to create a CadnaA model of the area. It was great getting experience working on larger jobs as well as learning how to model noise.

Later, I was asked to help with testing the walls of a luxury cinema in rural Oxfordshire. It was a real treat experiencing the full power of the speaker system as well as watching a couple of trailers in the comfort of the cinema’s armchairs.

Once we got back to the office, I was asked to put together an audio demonstration for the clients to show them how a film in the cinema would sound when heard through different wall types. This allowed me to use my knowledge of audio production to filter the audio to provide the right effect.Image result for train noise

On the last Friday of every month, a member of RBA Acoustics has to produce and present a seminar on an acoustics related topic and this month was my turn.

I chose the topic of train noise, which I had to then research and give an informative presentation while still being interesting enough to distract everybody from their pizza. This was great experience researching a topic and putting in a presentable manner and was also an opportunity to expand my horizons and learn about different branches of acoustics.

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