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It is with great pleasure that RBA Acoustics have been able to provide expert advice for a new high-end restaurant and cocktail bar in Mayfair, London.

The brief required detailed modelling to establish the reverberant and speech intelligibility characteristics of the space. This allowed us to specify treatment to achieve desirable acoustic conditions.

Restaurants can often fail to consider the acoustic environment. Common complaints with diners include finding it hard to hear each other, a lack of privacy, and distracting noises from nearby tables. Furthermore, noise has been studied and identified as an influencing factor of flavour perception.

This was demonstrated recently at an Institute of Acoustics meeting, That Sounds Delicious by Qian Janice Wang, which was attended by several RBA Consultants.

It is our hope, that this project sets an example, where the aural environment is as important as the visual impact when embarking on restaurant design. It might even make the food taste better!

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