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RBA Talk at the Annual Wates Design Forums

RBA recently gave two presentations as part of the Annual Wates Design Forums.

The two events, held in the north and south of the UK, are an opportunity for the Wates teams to get together to review company information, as well as a fantastic opportunity to learn about other aspects of the design process, thanks to guest presentations from key partners.

Russell Richardson (Director) and James Stokes (Consultant) gave a presentation on Acoustics of Facades, which tied in with the theme of the day, and received extremely positive feedback with regards to the majority of Design Managers saying they had learnt something useful.

The aim of the presentation was to highlight some common issues of façade design that, with some prior knowledge, can be avoided. The day was also an excellent way to develop our already strong working relationship with the Wates team, and we look forward to future collaborations.

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