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Providing an encompassing and sociable Caribbean experience to diners, Turtle Bay’s atmosphere is well known to be unique and exuberant.

RBA have worked on numerous Turtle Bay restaurants since the nationally recognised chain has begun operating. Over this time we have visited their sites in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Blackburn and Solihull to name but a few.

Across the various sites we have assessed noise transfer from the restaurants to flats, hotel suites, student accommodation, offices, BBC recording studios and commercial units to ensure adjacent occupants are protected from noise transfer. We have also looked at the opposite scenario, whereby the main concern was noise transfer from a nightclub into Turtle Bay which could have otherwise affected functionality of the restaurant.

Locations: Manchester NQ, Oxford, Dalston, Solihull, Brixton, Liverpool 2, Staines, Holloway Road, Blackburn, Watford, Bristol, Croydon, Bath, Ealing, Chelmsford

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