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Professional Practice Guidance (ProPG): Planning & Noise – New Residential Development

Every month RBA hold an internal seminar whereby each consultant gets a chance to share their experience and knowledge on a specific acoustics related topic with the rest of the team.

This month’s seminar was broken into two and provided by Struan Carmichael & Paul Taylor, who presented a summary of the newly released Professional Practice Guidance (ProPG): Planning & Noise – New Residential Development, after RBA attended the document’s launch event in Birmingham on 22nd June.

A strong familiarity with the newly released ProPG document is essential for our acoustic consultants at RBA Acoustics as it provides useful guidance on recommended approaches to manage noise for new residential within the planning system in England.

The seminar provided an introduction to the document and took our consultants through the various stages involved in preparing and delivering an “Acoustic Design Statement” (ADS), as well as various example case studies – which will likely be an invaluable and essential component of residential development planning applications in the future.

Emphasis was also made to highlight the importance and processes of achieving good acoustic design as early as possible in the planning stage.

Although the practices to improve acoustics in and around residential developments are well understood and have been put to good use for some time, we are now well equipped to review good acoustic design within the framework provided by ProPG.

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