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A Placement Year at RBA Acoustics

Last Wednesday, RBA had the pleasure of attending the recruitment fairs at both Salford and Southampton University.

The level of engagement and talent at both fairs was evident and we were honoured to have met so many young acousticians at the beginning of their careers.

We are now in the process of looking for the next students to spend their placement year at RBA Acoustics. Here is what Callum and Suzy have had to say about their year at RBA:

“I’ve really enjoyed working at RBA so far in my placement year. Everyone here is great to work with and they have really welcomed me as part of the team.

Coming from a physics background with no previous technical knowledge of acoustics has been a challenge but one well worth it.Everyone in the team is so supportive and want you to succeed and I have learnt so much during my time here.

There are many aspects to the job and so you get involved in many different projects and can find yourself doing a wide range of tasks during the week, from Pre-Completion Testing to setting up noise surveys to computer modelling. Being an acoustic consultant at RBA is a varied role and very fulfilling.”

“Working at RBA Acoustics has really helped put what I’ve learned at Salford Acoustics into practice. The wide range of projects means I’m doing different things every week, and the consultants try to involve you in every aspect of the projects to give you more understanding of the acoustic industry.

With everyone being very approachable, the placement year is great learning experience and has helped me be more motivated to continue my degree.”

If spending your placement year at RBA Acoustics interests you then please do send your CV to info@rba-acoustics.co.uk – we would love to hear from you.

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