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Optimising Acoustics in Education Environments

On Thursday 21st June RBA director Russell Richardson took great pleasure in giving a talk at the Alliance of Construction Networks Acoustics Conference. The discussion was surrounding the topic of ensuring compliance with acoustic standards in schools.

The conference consisted of a wide range of viewpoints with a range of designers, acousticians, constructors, premises managers, teachers, educational advisors and teachers of the deaf.

These were the important topics covered:

  • How we define a good acoustic space for teaching and learning
  • If the minimum standards set out in BB93 are adequate
  • If there is a need to provide separate standards for SEN
  • Why there are reduced performance requirements for refurbished spaces
  • How can we ensure compliance
  • Whether there is a need for a new holistic guidance note on acoustics standards for all educational establishments

To find out more about future events, please take a look at The ACN here.

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