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RBA Acoustics has worked closely with Vital Energy on a number of projects, including the Lee Valley Heat Network mobile energy centre. Vital Energy designed and built a boiler plant room that is the size of a shipping container, so it can be easily transported, and is capable of serving as a temporary energy centre anywhere it is needed.

Working with the project team and local authority, noise breakout criteria was set for the energy centre to ensure it would not be disruptive to any local residents in the areas it is utilised. Assessments were carried out during the design process of the energy centre, and commissioning undertaken in the factory where the energy centre was built.

Inside the compact energy centre, Vital Energy fitted 2 boilers, 2 boiler burners, 2 shunt pumps, 3 secondary pumps, a gas booster, as well as all the associated pipework, and even left enough room for an engineer to work!

The mobile energy centre is part of the larger Lee Valley district heating network, accommodating up to 30,000 homes and businesses and providing them with low-cost, low-carbon, reliable heating.

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