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RBA Acoustics was pleased to be part of the Insight Summer School running at Salford University recently. This is a STEM outreach project in which around 45 female Year 12 students from different schools around the country attended a 4-day residential course.

Staff and post-graduate students from Salford and other Universities led the sessions, and the attendees took part in a wide range of activities to provide exposure to the variety of STEM subjects and roles. In addition to this, they took part in visits to a wide range of industries to see what careers could be open to those who choose to pursue STEM.

Helen Sheldon, who leads the RBA Manchester office, was the after dinner speaker at the course dinner. She spoke about her experiences from deciding to pursue acoustics as a teenager, through the route she chose to study, and her career to date. The talk also included a few tales from the front line of acoustic consultancy.

A number of the attendees were keen on acoustics, and were planning to visit the acoustics laboratories at Salford at some point during the course. Helen said ‘It was great to see a room full of young women so enthused about Science, Technology and Engineering, and especially satisfying to see a number of the attendees interested in finding out more about acoustics.’

This is part of the strong relationship RBA has with a number of universities, regularly takes placements students and graduates from the acoustic courses at Salford University among others

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