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EuroNoise 2018

RBA director Russell Richardson is very excited to be sharing his paper at the upcoming Euronoise 2018. The conference is to be held in Crete this May, and covers all aspects of noise and acoustics – from Room and Building Acoustics, all the way through to Electroacoustics and Underwater Sound.

Although Russell won’t be in Crete to present the paper in person, he had great pleasure in writing it alongside prof. Bridget Shield (Emeritus Professor of Acoustics at London South Bank University), who will be there to present it. It’s titled, “Regulation of school acoustic design in the UK: recent revision of Building and School Premises Regulations and their application”, and it will be showcased in the session on ‘Harmonisation of classroom acoustics standards in Europe’.
More information on EuroNoise 2018 can be found right here.

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