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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

RBA Acoustics COVID-19 Continuity Strategy


In anticipation of Government requesting, or requiring, greater isolation for workers, we have been preparing and stress-testing our processes for some time and are therefore confident that they are sufficiently robust to allow us to continue to provide a comprehensive service for our clients, albeit subject to further developments in Government strategy and the spread of COVID-19. This is constantly under review and is, therefore, subject to change in the event of new Government advice/restrictions.

Home Working

Following the government advice around ceasing unnecessary travel and working from home we have implemented a ‘working from home’ policy for all staff, including admin and support roles.

IT Capabilities

All RBA offices are linked to a central server and cloud storage and all staff are, therefore, able to access project information and calculation software, as required, from any location. This also enables us to share work between offices, if required, to ensure continuity of service.

Internal communications are run through Microsoft Teams, which allows us to hold one-to-one and group videoconferencing meetings and to share screens in order to continue to collaborate on project work. All staff have videoconferencing facilities at home via Teams, which can be used for both internal and external communications.

Attendance at Site Work/Meetings

We are continuing to undertake site work where this is required, e.g. sound insulation testing and surveys. In general, testing and surveys do not require any significant (or close) contact with others, but we will continue to act in accordance with Government advice. Given the potential for environmental noise conditions to be affected by changes to work practices, school closures, etc. we are liaising with the relevant industry bodies to ensure we continue to work in accordance with best practice.

All RBA Acoustics staff have the capability to ‘attend’ remote meetings as required and, unless in-

person attendance is considered essential, RBA Acoustics staff will request this as a first option.

Telephone Contact

Despite our home-working strategy, the main office number is monitored and calls to this will be answered as usual. All staff are contactable on their mobile ‘phones and contact details can be obtained from calling reception or from individual email footers.

Email Contacts

All staff continue to monitor and respond to email communication.
All email addresses are in the following format: firstname.lastname@rba-acoustics.co.uk

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