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Tom Davies-Smith Placement Blog: Part 1

RBA Acoustics have been involved with a wide variety of projects and after three months working for them I have had a part in many of them, from testing sound insulation in a 40 storey tower overlooking central London to a 24 hour noise survey for a 200 house development on the edge of Ashford. I’ve had experience throughout the process, from the initial survey to the commissioning testing.

I first decided to apply to RBA after meeting Russell and Paul at The University of Salford. They were both very helpful in explaining what they’d been working on and what I’d be doing if I joined them. For my interview I had to put on my suit and get the train down from Manchester and then back again after the interview. Despite the rush, the atmosphere during the interview was pretty relaxed and friendly thanks to Rob and Andy

Once I’d started I was asked to take over a monitoring project at Lyall Mews in Westminster. This involved learning how to process data from noise and vibration monitors, which I quickly learned thanks to the help of the outgoing student consultants. Soon after, the vibration monitors had to be brought in for calibration. This meant communicating with the site manager, going to site and setting each monitor up then downloading the data the next week.

This job has sent me all across London, going to many places I’ve never been before, as well into many places that many people do not have access to, which has really given me a different perspective of the city. Already, I have been working with a great team and learned a lot about how acoustics is applied in a professional capacity.

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