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The Acoustic Design of Critical Listening Spaces

Every month RBA hold an internal seminar whereby each consultant gets a chance to share their experience/knowledge on a topic which interests them most with the rest of the team.

This month’s seminar was held by Pritham D’Souza, who covered the topic of acoustic design of critical listening spaces; a great choice of topic given the vast array of projects RBA have catered for in this area of consultancy. This is useful in designing spaces where the accurate reproduction of audio content is critical. For example, recording studios, mastering studios and increasingly, very high-end home theatres.

Most of the design exercise was in the context of a studio control room with multi-channel playback.

The seminar took our consultants through the various steps involved in the practical design of such a room, i.e. modal analysis, analysis of the reflection sequences, designing absorbers & diffusers and finally, the acoustic test procedures.

To find out more about the Everyman Cinema projects RBA are working on throughout the country, take a look at just one example in Leeds.

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