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Aaron Moroney Student placement blog part 3

This is my final post of three, where I am now in my last week and am proud to have been with RBA for over a year!

In my last few months I have gained experience in even more diverse project work – a particular one of interest was completing a Noise at Work assessment for the future employees of a proposed industrial laundry hall in Ulster Hospital, Northern Ireland.

This involved studying and obtaining noise data for each item of equipment to be located in the hall before modelling the equipment within the hall using the Odeon room acoustics software. The assessment not only helped to expand my knowledge in the Noise at Work Regulations, but also allowed me to learn and apply the fundamentals of the software to assist the assessment.

Every year, RBA organise a summer activity for the team and this year, we all went indoor go karting at TeamSport Tower Bridge! I thoroughly enjoyed the race, even if I did get disqualified whilst challenging for a podium position (I’m still salty about it)…

Coming from a technical background, I have always had an aptitude for STEM subjects. Considering this, along with my passion for sound, I can safely say that working in the field of acoustics at RBA was the right choice for me and would highly recommend it to anyone who feels that they can associate themselves with this.

However, acoustics has just been a small part of my university study to date, so I have not only gained a vast amount of technical knowledge from working here, but also experienced the client-facing aspect of being a consultant! This is particularly important as there is such a broad range of sectors of which we work in and a variety of services of which the company provide.

This has all been made possible by the extremely friendly team at RBA. There’s a great sense of community within the company in that everyone is happy to offer advice or help with any projects you may be working on.

I wish the best future for everyone here at RBA and also for anyone reading this who is keen to pursue what I have this last year.

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