The latest news and updates from RBA Acoustics

  • Mar082015
    Manchester Grillstock Festival 2015

    Celebrating Manchester: Top 5 Manchester Events We’re Looking Forward To

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  • Feb192015
    Bexleyheath Albion Road

    RBA Acoustics part of Skillcrown Homes’ award-winning design team

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  • Feb132015
    Institute of Acoustics

    Ignacio Alonso to Give IOA talk

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  • Sep052014
    Selfridges Everyman Cinema Entrance

    London Selfridges department store opens world’s first in-store cinema

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  • Jul232014
    Robust Details

    New Robust Details Senior Inspectors

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  • Jul212014
    Ignacio Alonso Martinez

    Passing in Style – Ignacio Alonso MSc

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  • May082014
    RBA Acoustics' Team Climb The O2 Arena

    RBA Climb the O2!

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